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We are going to miss our artists this year. Please support them if you can.  We look forward to a spectacular event next year.

ReCandle Company creates beautiful scented candles from 100-percent recycled and reclaimed scrap wax as pillars, in a variety of shapes including square, oval and round. Indulge in our other creations, including WineCandles, WineLights and TableTop Lights that are made with recycled wine and spirits bottles.

We firmly stand behind the power of being green. Our products are geared towards reducing the carbon footprint on the planet, so send us your old candles, or visit us at one of our many local events. We’re happy to answer any questions about the process of candle-making from reused wax.

My emphasis has always been wheelthrown, high-fired pottery. In that, I love to push the edges of size and creativity. Whether the pieces are traditional or eclectic, they remain handmade pottery meant to enrich.

Having studied in Japan in the 1980’s and been a professional potter for 40+ years, I have specialized in clay-making, glaze chemistry, kiln-design, and wood-fire.

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I’ve been making jewelry for about 10 years. Because of my love of rocks, my focus has been on making jewelry out of gemstones. I also love beading and have included leather into some pieces. I design and make all my jewelry from stones or pieces I find from various sources, often finding unique pieces when traveling.  All my pieces are unique and most are one of a kind.

Email Sandy at sandycruise54@gmail.com with questions or purchase.

I believe the desire to adorn is what makes us human. I am a self taught jewelry artists and as long as I can remember I have been putting objects together to create adornment. Sometimes I wish I had more arms like those statues from India so I would wear more bracelets. The planet is important to me so I am moving away from gemstones and materials that are mined in other countries and am using more recycled, repurposed and scrap materials. Thrift stores are one of my favorite places to forage.

I get bored with production work so many of my pieces are one of a kind. My designs tend to be big, bold, and very organic. I live in the woods in the Pacific NW and am inspired by the forest and nature in general.  Blessings. Jan E O

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If anyone were to tell me seven years ago that I would be “selling” jewelry, I would have thought they were crazy. So here I am – very happy with my business and enjoying this exciting adventure.

Even though I try to make something for everyone with lots of variety, I really love working with wire the most. As you can see, wire wrapping pendants is my specialty.

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The poster series includes illustrated guides to common & uncommon varieties of edible greens found in grocers, farmers markets, home gardens & the wild. May these ‘leaf-ographies’ better acquaint, educate and encourage greater use of these beautiful and nutritious leaves Imagined, created and printed in Oregon by gardener and vegetable enthusiast, Leslie Blanding Perrin

Leslie, a Montana native, and Oregon transplant lives in the beautiful countryside of Carlton, Oregon with her husband, three cats, a flock of chickens, two sheep, a large wild garden with a dreamy rose garden and of course, lots of leafy greens.

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I have been working with recycled metal for a little over ten years. I seek out, not new, but old industrial castoffs such as farm tools and antique tractor parts. These pieces, that are featured in my work, hold the history of our farming and logging communities from rural Oregon. I have family roots in these fields, so by using parts from old tractors brings a feeling of connection to my family’s history. I feel it is my duty to save these special parts from being melted down for “scrap metal”.  It makes me cringe every time I see a truck loaded down with metal, headed for the scrap yard.

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I firmly believe that jewelry should make a statement, not a suggestion. A love of all things silver inspires the work you will see on these pages. Each design is either one-of-a-kind or one of a limited edition of no more than five. You don’t want to see the same jewelry on everyone else, do you? You are unique and your jewelry should be, too.

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I have been painting most of my life.Much of my inspiration comes from the beautiful natural landscape of the Pacific Northwest…the woods, the ocean, the rolling hills, the native wildflowers and wildlife. Even the surreal tree branches in the Zen series are often taken from the gnarled old oak trees I see on my walks. Other inspirations include teapots (I love tea) and animals, especially cats.

Visit my website at zenbreeze.com for original paintings and handmade jewelry.

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