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Bonsai literally means “plant in a tray.” There is evidence that the art of bonsai is 1500 years old in China and 700-800 years old in Japan. Initially trees that had been stuntedby nature were collected and potted. As those trees became harder to find, suitable plants were propagated for bonsai. Then to create the image of age, the trees were pruned, wired, roots were exposed, limbs and wood were made to look dead, trunks were hollowed, all to make it look old. The beauty of bonsai does not have to be the actual age but it’s apparent age. The pleasure of bonsai is to be able to view in your own backyard what appears to be an ancient gnarled tree, or a huge forest that you could walk through.

Garland Nursery has a full line of bonsai supplies including finished bonsai trees, pre-bonsai trees, pots, tools, wire, and soil. They offer classes to teach beginners and workshops for the advanced bonsaist. There is a professional bonsai person in house on Saturday and Sunday 1-5. We offer all bonsai maintenance services, including pruning and repotting. We also have a wonderful line of bamboo wind chimes and cast iron wind chimes from Japan.


Wee Tree Farms Soil

Bonsai Gravel and Rocks

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Wee Tree Farm Bonsai soil is a carefully crafted, general purpose blend that provides the best possible growing environment for your indoor and outdoor Bonsai.

Find the perfect soil and gravel for your bonsai plants.

Joshua Roth high quality tools are perfect for novice and expert bonsaists alike.

Choose from our wide selection of fine glazed ceramic bonsai pottery and planters.