Keep your money where your heart lives, support an economy of friends and neighbors and build a community that thrives by thinking local first. These are just a few reasons to shop local. We try our best to source our products from local, sustainable artisans, chefs, entrepreneurs and businesses and we are so excited to showcase some of them here today. When we support locally, we are reducing environmental impact, investing in our community, keeping it unique and creating more local jobs.
We love being able to support our local suppliers, one of whom is Karla Chambers, co-owner of Stahlbush Island Farms as well as a very talented artisan. We have her wonderful paintings on display in our garden store, and we just received some of her decorative soaps, ceramic art and candles. The mini Monstera leaf hand soaps and coconut scented candles are out of this world irresistible.
All of the soaps are made from goat’s milk, vitamin E and coconut oil. The candles are made with soy wax that provides for a very long burn time. The pottery is all lead free, non-toxic, food safe and sourced from Umpqua clays. Other artists involved include: Jade Chambers, Chris Ropp, and Jeanie Balkins.
Hand Made in Small Batches
• all local produce • no artificial food coloring
• no sodium • no high fructose corn syrup
All Rose City Pepperheads products are gluten free!
Susan McCormick, owner and jelly artisan, is the brain behind Rose City Pepperheads. Susan has always loved a good sauce – especially a spicy good sauce. In the 90’s she began making her own pepper jellies and soon saw how incredibly versatile pepper jellies are in all kinds of cooking and grilling, as well as making a killer base for so many delicious sauces! In 1997 Susan began Rose City Pepperheads and has been introducing Portlanders to sassy spicy jellies ever since. Head on over to their website to see all the recipes and tips and tricks for how to use your pepper jelly!
Handmade necklace and earring sets from a local Oregon great grandfather. Each set is made from natural stone and every design is unique.
Hazelnut Hill
Growers | Roasters | Candy Makers
At Hazelnut Hill, we’re showing that a small family farm in Oregon can keep up with the big boys — and then some. Together, we tend and harvest our 400 acres with the pride that comes with being one of the very few tree-to-table producers in the US.
Ryan and Rachel Henderson own and operate Hazelnut Hill, which is located in the fertile Willamette Valley near Eugene, Oregon. In 2016, the pair bought the commercial confectionary and the top-notch roasting equipment they rely on. All hazelnuts are grown on the 400 acres that Ryan and Rachel call home. Each order is roasted on demand, and candy is handmade in a commercial-grade kitchen. Rachel tests and develops all recipes – always in search of fresh, mouth-watering combinations of hazelnuts and chocolate. The rest of the family is always ready to serve as taste-testers!
Coffman Farms
We are commercial beekeepers located in Independence, Oregon. We sell various sizes of our raw Willamette Valley honey and pure beeswax candles. We run about 1,500 colonies in honey yards primarily in Polk and Benton County and the majority of our honey comes from the wild blackberry nectar source. We don’t process or pasteurize our honey, it is completely raw.