Garland Grown Hanging Baskets! Critters in Concrete! A new shipment of animal statuary from Campania has landed. You can find these frozen friends displayed all around the barn and mixed within the Tiny Treasures. Click to read about new items just in time for Easter. New Pots Arrived We have just received a shipment of new pots with even more coming soon! There are plenty of new house plants which are here now. Plus much more!! Click here to read more news! Bleeding Hearts! Plant of the week! These little spring beauties are just starting to emerge, unfurling their little hearts to wear on their sleeve for the whole world to see. Click here to read more news! Pericallis! Read about this wonderful plant,
potted roses, veggie starts and
much more. Click here!
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We are open daily for onsite shopping. Parking lot pick-up is available as well, just use the contact form below or call us. (See updated COVID information below)

Tomato Starts!

The first batch of tomato starts have arrived in both organic and conventional. It’s still a little nippy outside so keep an eye on those night-time temps and remember to protect from frost. Ideally they do not want to be exposed to temperatures less than 40 degrees F. Don’t forget to use Espoma’s Tomato-tone starter fertilizer for the juiciest, tastiest ‘maters. (It also helps prevent blossom end rot!)

Happy Mother's Day

Mom’s also love just hearing the voices of the children they sent out into the world. Did you know? More phone calls are made on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year. These holiday chats with Mom often cause phone traffic to spike by as much as 37 percent. However, flowers AND a phone call would be the perfect combination of goodies for the woman who gave you the breath in your lungs. Just take a look at some of the beautiful blooms that would make perfect gifts for the lovely lady in your life.


If you’ve been waiting for a good time to pick out the perfect conifer, now is it. Iseli Nursery is dedicated to producing the finest quality conifers, Japanese maples and other landscape plants for your perfect home oasis.

The selection we have now is not gonna get any better, so hurry down for these unique and skillfully grown varieties.

All about Succulents!

We spend so much time talking about leafy green plants that we forget our water saving little friends! Among the numerous species of flora present on our planet, succulents are of unique value. Because they are commonly found in arid and dry regions, they have to store water in some of their parts for the process of photosynthesis. Because of that the part ….

COVID Statement

We will be operating under the same hours at this point. Our hours had already been amended as part of our original plan and we haven't reverted back; 9-5 Monday through Saturday and 10-5 Sunday. We also still have curbside pickup and we're doing most of our holiday market out in the annual house as well as inside the garden store in order to keep things further spread apart. We're in the category of being at 75% capacity. Masks are required at all times while on site.

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