Planting Mix

Planting Mixes are excellent for direct planting in garden soil, raised beds or for mulching.  They also work well for bare-root planting. Planting mixes are heavier than potting soil and will hold moisture for a longer period of time. Planting mixes also help keep top-heavy plants from blowing over in the wind.

Potting Soils

Potting Soil is specially formulated for use in containers. It contains ingredients like bark and sphagnum peat moss that ensure good drainage and air flow for strong root growth in containers.  Potting soil is used for transplants and general plant growth.


Compost is a nutrient-rich soil with medium density. The material benefits the soil with microorganisms, loosens clay for healthy root penetration and aids in water retention. Mulch is the layer of organic materials placed on the top of the soil as a protective cover. Mulch helps to suppress weed germination, retain moisture, insulate the soil, and reduce erosion