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Ancient Graffiti Rain Chain


Rain chains are an ancient Japanese alternative to the common downspout. These beautiful chains transport rainwater to the ground and are lovely to listen to.

Regal Art & Gift Crane



These beautiful wrought iron cranes lend a regal air to any garden.

Ancient Graffiti Spinners

Wind spinners turn cold and windy days into something beautiful. Ancient Graffiti’s spinners are high quality and built to last.

Regal Art & Gift Rooster

This beautiful mosaic rooster is colorful and unique. Regal Art & Gift creates sturdy and elegant works of art.

Rustic Arrow Goats

These wrought iron goats are quirky, fun, and perfect for garden or house décor. 100% Imported and hand crafted by Mexican artisans.

Rustic Arrow Love

Rustic Arrow garden art is always unique and crafted with attention to detail.

Evergreen Garden Art

These beautiful glass birdbaths will attract wildlife to your garden and complement any garden setting.

Greenman Raven

The Greenman Raven adds a gothic charm to any garden display. Ravens are intelligent and elegant, and this sculpture represents those qualities.

Nichols Bros Stonework

Show your playful side in the garden with Nichol Bros Stonework Birdwatching Cat. This garden cat is made with long lasting cast stone.