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The 2021 fruit trees are now available in bare root for just a little while until they are potted. Buy now to save a little.

Japanese Maple, Ginko, Fruit Trees, Clerodendrum & more!

A well-chosen tree adds value and beauty to your home while providing shade and structure to the landscape. Garland Nursery has a huge selection of trees to choose from and a knowledgeable staff to help you pick the right tree for your location. For smaller spaces, Japanese Maples offer beautiful form, texture, and color. Garland Nursery has over 60 varieties to choose from. If flowering trees are what you are looking for, select from flowering Cherries and Plums, Dogwoods, Magnolias, Crabapples, Redbuds, Silk Trees, Clerodendrums, Japanese Snowbells, Stewartias, and many others.

Whether you need a tree for shade, fall color, screening out a view or for your kids to climb, let Garland Nursery help you find the perfect tree.