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Lee Powell, one of the owners of Garland Nursery, is a Licensed Landscape Architect with over twenty years of experience. Click here for Lee’s bio. Lee and his professional Landscape Design team at Garland Nursery provide a full range of services from making plant suggestions to creating comprehensive landscape and garden plans.  His diverse work portfolio includes Asian, Mediterranean, native and naturalistic, northwestern and water wise landscapes.  He is skilled with both commercial and residential projects. His goal is to create exquisite designs that always highlight the client’s needs and wishes, the site’s possibilities, and the plant’s requirements to help create functional designs that you, the client, are excited about.



Master Plan                                 Approximate Fees:             Based on $175/Hr.
For Your Landscape               Master Plans Start at:             Starts @ $1750.00

Fee based on complexity of design and size of lot.  Average lot is 5,000 sq. ft. including house

You will want to have a Master Plan developed for your property if you have a newly constructed home or are planning to completely renovate your yard.  Our designers work closely with you through the layout and the planting design phases to create a plan that you are happy with.


Layout Design is the arrangement of spaces and yard elements such as planting beds, walkways, decks, ponds, patios, sitting area, etc. within a yard.  It can be compared to creating a floor plan in your outdoor living space.  It is a crucial step toward creating a landscape that functions well.


Planting Design,is the selection and placement of plants in the beds determined through the Layout Design Process.  Soil type, sun requirements, style, and the clients desired maintenance level are considered when developing a planting design.

We will have at least three meetings that keep the client involved through the entire design process.  The initial meeting is at the site to discuss the client’s needs and desires and to gather site data.  Often another visit is needed by the designer to create a basemap and analyze the site further.  Shortly after, we have our preliminary plan meeting at the nursery to review the layout and talk in more detail about plants.  We will meet at the nursery with the master plan that incorporates both the layout and the planting design.  The planting design is reviewed and the modifications are made if they are needed.  A 10% discount will be given on planting materials and supply purchases for one year following the completion of the design.


Custom Landscape Design                                                                 Fee:  $175.00/Hr.
Most people have unique design needs for their yard.  Some people may have their layout determined but need help with a planting plan.  Others may need help creating the layout in their yard but would like to choose the plants themselves.  Sometimes a client wants a specialty garden designed in part of their yard which requires both a layout and planting design.  Since each situation is different, a cost is determined on an individual basis.  A 10% discount will be given on plant material and supplies for the project for one year.


Landscape Architectural Services                                                      Fee:  $200.00/Hr.
And Commercial Design
Landscape Architect- Lee Powell #288
If a homeowner wishes to have competitive bids or have clear drawings illustrating the plan, construction drawings and documents will be needed.  Construction drawings contain measurements and other specific information needed by a contractor to implement the plan.  Construction drawings include grading, layout, and drainage plans.  We can also develop construction details, construction specifications and construction observation.



Plant Suggestions at the Nursery                                                        Fee:  No Charge
                                                                                                      15 minutes maximum
Compliments of the nursery, our landscape designers will help you select plants for a planter or small planting area.


A Designer Visits Your Home                                                            Fee:  $175.00/Hr.
                                                                  Mileage:  $3.00/mile, one way, over 10 miles
Do you have exciting ideas for your yard but would like a professional to help make those ideas a reality?  Do you need help choosing the perfect plants for a patio, entryway, or garden?  Maybe you need help with shaping your yard?  A consultation is perfect for this type of situation. It is also a great starting point toward a design or project.  The designer will leave sketches with the client illustrating the ideas that were discussed.  Plus, you will get a 10% discount off of plants and supplies for your project for two weeks following the consultation.


In-Nursery Consultation                                                                    Fee:  $150.00/Hr.
                                                                                                     1 hour maximum

Our one hour consultation is perfect for someone who lives further out of town but still wants to take advantage of our design expertise.  We can help you choose plants for a small area or give general layout ideas.  Plan to bring a scaled map and photos of your yard to help us make the most out of your consultation.  You will also get a 10% discount off of plants and supplies for your project for two weeks